Welcome to Blog Extension for Magento 2 by Netbaseteam

April 3, 2017

Are you looking for a way to engage more and more customers to your shop? Blog Extension For Magento 2 is the best solution for this problem. You can use blog to provide information about products, promotions, sales and discounts or just make it a source of fun content.

Blog Extension for Magento 2 will bring for shop owner and your customer many huge benefits as below:
+ Show the latest information in professional way so that you can engage and attract huge amount of visitor.
+ Update information of your shop such as: news, discounts, sales, new products, events... continuously.
+ Allow your customers to share your posts in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever else and this make many is known-well your store.
+ Gives you an opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.
+ Build relevant SEO-friendly text links that influences search engine rankings and serves as assistance in building sales strategy.



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