SEO for eCommerce sites – Where to start?

April 3, 2017

Here are some simple but powerful tips for starting SEO for eCommerce Sites.

First, start with a SEO-friendly e-commerce platform such as Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify… This will make it easier to tweak your site for better SEO results.

Research the best keywords for your home page and product pages using the Google Keyword Tool. Keywords must be highly relevant to each page. In your blog articles, target long-tail keywords for best SEO results.

Manufacturers’ product descriptions are very boring. Rewrite them in your own words using simple copywriting techniques to make customers want to buy your products. Use hi-quality images from the manufacturer, edit them and put relevant keywords in the alt-image tags. This way you avoid duplication.

By allowing customer reviews on your product pages, Google will see this as good social proof and increase your rankings. More visitors will end up becoming customers as a result.

Keep your web structure simple. Put category links on your home page and product links on each category page. Make it easy for the visitors to find your products.

Track your website visitors with Google Analytics. See what’s working and fix what isn’t.

SEO for eCommerce sites takes time to perfect. Keep testing and tweaking everything to get better SEO results over time. Better yet, if you’re really serious, hire an expert.

Thanks for reading and hope it helps :).

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I have worked in E-commerce business for 2 years and it is my dream job. I have learned a lot of things since the first day working. Like any other people working in this field, I am inquisitive, out-going and open-minded. In my opinion, E-commerce business will lead the industry in the near future and I will still keep improving myself to chase my dream.

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