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April 3, 2017

VirtueMart is an E-commerce solution (open Source) for Joomla content management system. You can run it as shopping cart or in catalog mode. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which can help you to make your website or store easy to search for users on internet. You can follow two different ways for optimization for your virtuemart one is off page optimization and other is on page optimization. If you want to increase traffic for your Virtuemart website or store then, follow these seo tips for better results.

  • Do Some Research

Use keywords in your documents. You can use google keyword tool for searching keywords. You can easily find out popular keywords which may have low profile.

  • Title

Title of yoursearch engine should be perfect because it is only of 65 to 70 words. Use some keywords, make it clear and emotional, and make it attractive.

  • Healthy Content

You should must have content for your each product on your website etc. Try to make your content fresh and up to date. Use 2 to 3 keywords in your content to make it interesting. It will enhance rank of your content.

  • Keywords Ratio

Use keywords in low percentage in your content. It should not exceed from 3 or 4 percent.

  • Meta Keywords Tag

Make sure your Meta description tags are complete. Use strong keywords phrases in it because it will display on your result page which will increase numbers of readers. As I mention earlier use low competition or low profile key phrases. Make it concise but clear. Meta description should not resemble with other descriptions. Meta keywords will provide you facility to inform the search engines about keywords that you use.

  • Optimization of Product Image

Your product images must have comprehensive description or details. Don’t use irregular or unimportant images for product it will decrease your traffic. The only way to enhance traffic and to create interest among your readers is to use appropriate images.

  • Tag videos

Use videos related to your content and tag them. Like healthy content try to use relevant keywords. It will give boost to your traffic too.

  • Structure of URL

Structure of your URL should be perfect. Using irregular URL without any keyword or product name etc. may affect your traffic. URL reflect ranking of catalogue so it should must consist of proper product name etc. It should be SEO friendly so it can help you to enhance rankings.

  • Social Sharing

Do some sharing on social media . Ask readers to share your content. Use sponsored tweets if you have budget.

  • Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics or other search engines for analysis of your draft content.Try to use regularly because it provides you website insight and unbelievable success to your business. It provides you a lot of other benefits including optimization of marketing campaign. Identification of audience, Improvement in website usability and sometimes allocation of budget too.

Extensions that support Virtuemart SEO 

  • SEO Boss Pro
    It provides rich set of tools and configuration which is essential for site search engine optimization (SEO).It support SEO because by using this extension you can easily generate Meta Tags automatically, automatically highlight all keywords on your page, Provides SEO management for virtuemart components (Meta tags manager, Title Manager etc.) and you can set meta data for any page. 
  • SEO Links
    It works with VirtueMart and many others. It supports SEO in many ways due to its features. For Example, it allows you to configure your keywords and key phrase and coverts them in form of links automatically.

Like any website, a Virtuemart store needs SEO to increase traffic as well as sales. This post brings some típ & tricks to enhance performance of your website  as well as using Virtuemart softwares to support your Google rank position.


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I have worked in E-commerce business for 2 years and it is my dream job. I have learned a lot of things since the first day working. Like any other people working in this field, I am inquisitive, out-going and open-minded. In my opinion, E-commerce business will lead the industry in the near future and I will still keep improving myself to chase my dream.

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