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The Prophet Nathan rebukes King David painting by E. Siberdt

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This impressive oil painting excellently exhibits Siberdt's famous Orientalist style, which combines naturalism and narrative to brilliant effect.

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Depicting the biblical scene of the Prophet Nathan admonishing King David, pointing at him and exclaiming 'You are the man' (see below), set in a parcel gilt amboyna wood frame, signed lower left 'Eugene Siberdt'.

In the months following his infamous adultery and murder, David exercised no obvious fruits of repentance. While he did go to lengths to conceal his sin, it was manifestly a series of ploys intended to keep him from getting caught. Even though David thereby exhibited an understanding that his actions might lead to political repercussions, he still showed no evidence that he felt genuine conscience-pangs during this time. But all of this changed when God sent Nathan to confront the King. Nathan told a story about a greedy man who stole and killed his neighbour’s beloved sheep. When David ordered the death-sentence for this man, Nathan responded directly 'You are the man'. David was immediately cut to the heart, and he responded with true repentance.

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